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Top Tear

Top Tear checks have perforation marks that run along the top of the check. This is your standard, more common check.

Side Tear

Side Tear checks are just like your standard Top Tear checks. Side Tear checks have perforation marks run along the side of the check instead of the top; the left side to be exact, kind of like a book binding. This means that you have far less area to tear along, or rip by accident.

Top Stub

Top Stub checks are wire-bound and include stubs at the top to detail deposits and other transactions.The check portion is just like any other check.On both the stub and the check enter the date of your check. Write the name of the recipient on both the check and top stub.Enter the amount of the check next to the $ sign found on both the stub and check.Notes and reminders can be put in the "For" section of both the top stub and the check itself. In connection with the "For" line, the top stub also gives you a box that you can check if the check is tax deductible. The stub also has room for up to three (3) separate entries for a balance forward, credits and deposits, your total before writing the check and your balance once the check has been deducted. This allows you to keep a running balance.