Army Weapons Personal Checks

Army Weapons Personal Checks | BAH-41

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Army Weapons Personal Checks | BAH-41
Army Weapons Personal Checks | BAH-41
Army Weapons Personal Checks | BAH-41
Army Weapons Personal Checks | BAH-41


These Army Weapons Personal Checks from Bank Checks Now tout the strategic use of guns in today our military. Todays Army Weapons are more advanced and technical than ever before. The main Army Weapon is the individual soldier. The Army soldiers personal weapon is the M-4, an upgraded version of the venerable M-16. Another Army battle weapon is the Ma-duce or M-2; it shoots the powerful .50 caliber bullet, a 640 grain full metal jacketed bullet that has an effective range of up to 7,000 meters.
In a combat squad of Army infantry soldiers the S.A.W., Squad Automatic Weapon, is carried by at least one soldier. This is a light machine gun that is belt fed with the standard .556 round. The S.A.W. light machine gun has a high rate of fire, up to 1100 rounds a minute if necessary. In many Army combat squads a sniper team is assigned the .50 BMG Rifle with high quality sighting optics or scopes.
Feel the patriotism and imagine yourself in a combat situation with these Army Weapons checks when dealing with daily finances. Bank Checks Now offers you these high quality, American made, uniquely designed, personal checks at a great money saving price. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with these uniquely designed, military inspired checks.
Complete your new Army Weapons personal checks order with matching address labels and a coordinating checkbook cover.


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